Bibimbap Soho

11 Greek Street | London | W1D 4DJ | 020 7287 3434


Bibimbap Soho is one of the most modern London Korean restaurants in the heart of Soho. Bibimbap modern Korean cuisine is tasty, healthy and affordable.

Time Out says: “It’s daring to name your restaurant after a beloved national icon, as inevitably customers will expect no slip-ups with the signature dish. Fortunately, at Bi Bim Bap they know what they’re doing. There are, unusually, ten varieties of bibimbap on offer, as opposed to the one or two (beef, or vegetarian) at most Korean restaurants in London.

Bibimbap at Bibimbap Soho London

If you are looking for Korean food in London come and try Bi bim Bap Soho. Our menu is extensive to meet all the different appetites.

As part of your unique experience at the restaurant you will notice that you get two sauces to go with your mains. One sauce will come in a red squeezey which contains a homemade red pepper paste. It has a slight kick to it but is also sweet.

Our miso sauce will come in a yellow squeezey bottle, which has a salty flavour to it. This will be similar to how you would use soya sauce.

Our dishes are freshly and quickly prepared when you order using the finest ingredients and 20+ years of culinary experience making the best Korean food. Other signature dishes include: mandoo (vegetable dumplings), seafood pancake and Jap Chae (pan fried glass noodles). We also have fried noodle and soup dishes.